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Resources for the Survivors of the Mass Shooting in Fordyce, Arkansas

VictimsFirst has mobilized a team of mass shooting survivors to assist on the ground in response to the mass shooting that occurred at the Mad Butcher supermarket on June 21, 2024. Four people were murdered and 11 others were injured. Dozens more survived.

In addition to the victim services outlined on our Victim Services page, we will update and provide additional victim services specific to Fordyce on this page.

Financial Assistance

If you were directly impacted by the Fordyce shooting, there are multiple resources available to you for financial assistance:

(1) If you are the designated beneficiary for the family of the deceased (legal heir or trustee) or if you are a wounded survivor who suffered gunshot wounds, you are eligible for designated funds. To access these funds, please apply here:

(2) The Fordyce Survivors Fund is being administered by Jeff Dion and the Mass Violence Survivors Fund. 100% of donations will go directly to the victims/survivors of the Fordyce shooting for mid-term needs. Donations are now being accepted. Applications and updates will be made available soon. For more information, please visit the Arkansas Community Foundation.

(3) VictimsFirst's National Mass Shooting Survivor Fund will be available to provide direct funding for immediate needs as funds are available. 100% of all donations to this fund are given directly to victims/survivors for immediate emergency needs. Donations can be designated for the Fordyce shooting.

Applications for victims/survivors are available online and can be submitted using the following link:

Paper applications are available at Fordyce City Hall:

101 S Main Street

Fordyce, AR 71742

(4) Anyone who was directly impacted by the mass shooting can also apply for crime victims' compensation with the State of Arkansas:

(5) If you were employed and working at the Mad Butcher during the mass shooting, worker's compensation may also be available to you:

Mental Health Services

Additional Resources and Services

Visit the Department of Justice's Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) site for additional resources for Fordyce victims/survivors:


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