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We believe that all nonprofit organizations should be fully and timely transparent. Beyond end-of-year reports, audits, and IRS documentation, nonprofits should regularly and continuously publish their accounting records. This practice ensures not only transparency but also accountability and public oversight.


Below, you will find our monthly accounting reports (prepared by Hebeler Accountancy), our annual reports, and other financial documents. Additional documents can be requested by emailing You can also find narratives explaining some of our larger transactions on our News page


We are committed to providing the public with timely transparency and hope to serve as a model for other nonprofits. 

Monthly Financial Statements

January 2024
February 2024
March 2024
April 2024
May 2024 (Coming Soon)


*Regarding "Management and General Expenses," fees were taken out by GoFundMe before it was sent to VictimsFirst and $0.00 from the victims’ funds were taken for any expense by VictimsFirst. All administration/operational costs are paid for through funds collected separately and apart from any and all victims’ funds. VictimsFirst does not take any funds from designated victims' funds so our mission is fulfilled and 100% goes directly to victims/survivors. 


2022 Independent Auditors' Report*

2023 - Audit Not Required Based on Annual Revenue < $2M

Other Documents

Bylaws of VictimsFirst

IRS Letter of Determination

IRS EIN Letter

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