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Below, you will find numerous options to donate to VictimsFirst, as well as other victims' funds where 100% collected will go directly to victims.

To Donate to our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund:

You can donate to our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund by clicking here. 100% of your donation will go to victims/survivors of mass violence. This fund is open to mass violence victims across the country to provide direct, emergency financial assistance whenever and wherever it is needed. Due to the frequency of mass shootings, we do not always have the capability to start a location-specific fund. The National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund allows us to provide some emergency financial assistance to mass violence victims/survivors, even when we are not able to set up a location-specific centralized victims' fund. At this time, the National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund is funded entirely through donations.

VictimsFirst is run entirely by volunteers. As of April 10, 2023, we barely had the bandwidth to create a location-specific fund for the recent shooting at Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky. However, we did and we have forwarded those funds to the National Compassion Fund for administration. The NCF also opened a fund for the Louisville Chickasaw Park shooting, which didn't receive as much media attention but those families are grieving and hurting just the same. You can donate to those families with 100% going directly to them here. We will also help any victim/survivor who needs direct emergency financial assistance through our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund. Remember, this fund is open to mass violence victims/survivors across the United States.

To Donate to VictimsFirst:

To donate to VictimsFirst, click on the "Donate Now" button below.

Alternative Methods to Donate Online:

You can donate to VictimsFirst using PayPal by clicking here or using the QR code below.

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You can also mail a check to:


4195 Chino Hills Parkway #593

Chino Hills, CA 91709


Make checks payable to Victims First, Inc. Be sure to note the specific fund you are donating to in the memo of your check. If there is no designation, your donation will go to the greatest need.

A Note on Transaction Fees:

When donating through platforms like Donorbox, PayPal, and GoFundMe, there are unavoidable transaction/processing fees. These are charged to process electronic donations using a credit/debit card. Some of these platforms give you the option to pay for these fees separately from your donation. They are typically a small percentage of your donation plus a set fee (i.e. 2.7% + $00.30).


If you would like to donate and avoid these transaction/processing fees, you can do so via Zelle, Zeffy, or check (see instructions above). Please write in the memo section where you would like your funds directed.    

VictimsFirst never takes a penny out of the money we receive from any platform for our victims' funds. 100% of what we collect for victims goes directly to victims. 

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