Below are links to donate securely online to our Victims Fund and our Administration/Advocacy Fund using a debit/credit card. We have created these two distinct funds to ensure your donation is used as you intend. 

Victims Fund


The VictimsFirst Victims Fund is used to provide direct and immediate financial support to victims of mass casualty crime. 100% of the money donated to this fund will go directly to victims. Money is disbursed to victims of mass casualty crime through a confidential application process and covers immediate needs such hotel rooms for funerals, utility bills, rent/mortgage payments, and food. Funds are limited.

Administration and Advocacy Fund


The VictimsFirst Administration and Advocacy Fund is used to keep our nonprofit organization afloat. Some typical costs associated with our work include: 

  • Website Hosting and Development

  • Bookkeeping, Banking, and Legal Fees

  • Media Production Costs (documents, videos, images, etc.)

  • Research (i.e. public records requests)

  • Salaries (as approved by the Board)

  • Other Service Fees (i.e. mailbox, software subscriptions, etc.)

You can also mail a check to:


4195 Chino Hills Parkway #593

Chino Hills, CA 91709


Make checks payable to Victims First, Inc. Be sure to note Victims Fund or the Admin Fund on your check. Otherwise, donations will be split 50/50 into the two funds. 

Other Funds:


VictimsFirst also creates funds in the direct aftermath of a mass shooting on GoFundMe to ensure 100% of all donations go directly to victims in cash payments. The funds will go directly to victims through the National Compassion Fund when available or those GoFundMe donations will be transferred to a separate, designated bank account for that particular random mass shooting. If the National Compassion Fund is not available, VictimsFirst works to ensure that 100% of the funds collected are distributed directly to victims. Funds collected through GoFundMe provide mid-term care to victims of mass casualty crime. Immediate support is provided through our Victims Fund (above). If you are interested in supporting long-term physical and psychological trauma-related care for mass shooting victims, we recommend donating to VTV Care.


Links to active GoFundMe campaigns are linked below:

There are no active GoFundMe campaigns at this time.