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Make New Memories

VictimsFirst is dedicated to helping victims of mass violence make new memories. The goal of our Make New Memories program is to help victims of mass violence who have endured life-altering trauma rediscover their happiness through joyful experiences. 


So far, our Make New Memories initiative has brought joy to numerous victims' families and survivors of mass violence. Collaborating with the Minnesota Vikings, we facilitated a memorable experience for a young survivor of the Robb Elementary school shooting in Uvalde, TX, arranging for him to meet the entire football team and attend a game. This special encounter led to an unexpected invitation for him and his mother to attend the Super Bowl last year.

Additionally, we helped fulfill the dream of another child from the same mass shooting by organizing her attendance at a Taylor Swift concert. We orchestrated a surprise ZOOM call between a survivor's family member and a beloved actor, creating a cherished memory. Furthermore, we arranged an unforgettable visit to the Yellowstone set for two injured victims, where they met all the actors, including Kevin Costner.


In collaboration with the Denver Nuggets, we also facilitated a dream come true for a wounded survivor from the Aurora theater mass shooting, enabling him to attend his favorite team's game.


A New Program

Make New Memories is a program we launched in 2023. The concept is similar to Make-A-Wish, but our program is specifically to provide victims of mass violence with opportunities to experience the joys of life in the aftermath of atrocity.  


How It Works

VictimsFirst works with organizations and individual donors to create incredible experiences for survivors. Through in-kind and monetary donations, we are able to make new memories and cover all expenses.  


Apply Today

The program is open to all victims of mass violence. Apply today for yourself or someone else. 

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