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Dedicated to Helping Victims of Mass Violence

Over $10.71M Given Directly to Victims

Since 2021, VictimsFirst has ensured that 100% of donations intended for mass violence victims and survivors go directly to them. Thanks to the support of generous donors, we have been able to help over 1,550 mass shooting victims' families and survivors.

In 2012, a network of mass shooting families—many of whom comprise VictimsFirst—banded together to respond immediately to mass shootings across the country. The goal was simple: advocate for and protect victims while educating communities so that mass shooting victims would not be re-victimized. Since then, we've worked behind-the-scenes as rapid responders in mass shootings and mass casualty crimes across the country, including Newtown, Boston, Orlando, Vegas, Parkland, Thousand Oaks, El Paso, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Boulder, Collierville, Uvalde, Colorado Springs, and Allen—to name a few.


We continue to serve as an invaluable resource to victims' families, survivors, and affected communities when mass violence strikes anywhere in the United States. Our programs, services, and resources can be accessed below.



VictimsFirst's Best Practices for Mass Casualty Crime is the only living, trauma-informed document in the United States that assists communities and politicians in alleviating the chaos that follows a mass casualty event so that efforts are coordinated in the very best interest of victims/survivors.


Location-Specific Victims' Funds

Following an incident of mass violence, we work with local communities to establish a true, centralized victims' fund that gaurantees 100% of all donations collected will go directly to victims' families and survivors.


Make New Memories

VictimsFirst is dedicated to helping victims of mass violence who have endured life-altering trauma. This includes helping them make new memories and rediscover their happiness through joyful experiences. 



VictimsFirst often creates Facebook Pages in the aftermath of mass violence to offer a digital space for news, support, and community. Join us online to offer support and hope to victims of mass violence. 

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Mass Shooting Victims' Fund

VictimsFirst's National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund is the only resource of its kind, providing direct and immediate emergency financial/cash assistance to victims of mass violence throughout the United States.

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Victim Services

If you are a victim of a crime, there are a number of resources available to you. Call us for immediate assistance or click below to locate state victim compensation programs, federal disability programs, worker compensation programs, mental health resources, and other local victim services.  


News and Press Releases

Visit our Blog for the most recent up-to-date information, press releases, announcements, and endorsements.

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History of Revictimization

As part of our advocacy efforts, we vigilantly monitor the nonprofit industrial complex, documenting instances of revictimization experienced by mass shooting victims and their ongoing fight against unscrupulous nonprofits.

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