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Dedicated to helping victims of mass casualty crime


Best Practices for Mass Casualty Crime 

VictimsFirst's Best Practices for Mass Casualty Crime is a trauma-informed document that assists communities and politicians in alleviating the chaos that follows a mass casualty event so that efforts are coordinated in the very best interest of victims/survivors. Best Practices was culled together over 7.5 years using input from families of the deceased, physically injured, and survivors from mass casualty crimes over the past two decades.

First Response & Victims Fund

In 2012, a network of mass shooting families—many of whom comprise VictimsFirst—banded together to respond immediately to mass shootings across the country. The goal was simple: to protect victims and educate communities so that mass shooting victims would not be re-victimized. Since then, we've worked behind-the-scenes as rapid responders in mass shootings and mass casualty crimes across the country, including Newtown, Sutherland Springs, Boston, Orlando, Vegas, Parkland, Thousand Oaks, El Paso, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Boulder, Collierville and Oxford—to name only a few. We then became an official nonprofit, allowing us to create a Victims' Fund to provide immediate financial support to anyone in need who is a victim of a mass shooting/mass casualty crime.

Lending a Helping Hand

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