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Location-Specific Victims' Funds

We Are Currently Administering Designated Funds to both Allen Outlet Mall and Uvalde Robb Elementary School shooting survivors

Please consider donating to our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund

Our Location-Specific Victims' Funds


Whenever feasible, VictimsFirst creates location-specific victims' funds on GoFundMe to provide donors with a trusted place to donate to immediately following an incident of mass violence that ensures 100% of all donations will go directly to victims/survivors in cash payments.

We do not deduct any portion from these contributions and ensure every penny reaches victims/survivors through cash payments. These location-specific victims' funds are specific to individual incidents of mass violence and operate independently from our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund.


If a true centralized victims' fund is started within the affected community that guarantees 100% of all donations will go equitably to the victim base, we endorse that fund on our website and grant over what we collect to the centralized victims' fund. If no centralized victims fund is established locally, we work to distribute 100% of the donations we collect directly to victims. Donations we collect through GoFundMe provide mid-term care to victims of mass casualty crime and are distributed equitably.

We provide immediate emergency financial assistance through our National Mass Shooting Victims Fund. Location-specific funds collect donations for a specific victim base, while the National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund provides direct emergency cash assistance to victims of mass violence across the country and at any time of need.


If you are interested in supporting long-term physical and psychological trauma-related care for mass shooting victims, we recommend donating to VTV Care.

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