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Victims' Funds

As often as possible, VictimsFirst creates location-specific victims' funds on GoFundMe to ensure that donors have a place to donate to victims that ensures 100% will go directly to victims/survivors. We do not take anything from those donations so that every penny goes to victims/survivors in cash payments. These funds are specific to individual incidents of mass violence and are separate from our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund.

Lewiston, ME Shooting Victims' Fund:

Donations to support the mass shooting victims of Lewiston, Maine can be made here:


Our funds will join with the Maine Community Foundation for one Centralized Victims Fund for Lewiston so that 100% goes directly to victims. Our mass shooting families across the nation are grateful that the Maine Community Foundation has brought in Jeff Dion to consult. He is the most experienced expert in the world for mass violence fund administration and preparedness. We know that the Lewiston victims' family and survivors will be in good hands and will receive what many of us did not over the years -- 100% transparency.


We take no admin fee and we take no portion of your donation for our administration costs. Thank you for your compassion and kindness. All donations will be designated specifically for the victims of the Lewiston mass shootings. VictimsFirst's EIN is 32-0656956.

If you'd rather, you may send a check directly to VictimsFirst and designate it for Lewiston. Please make your check payable to Victims First, Inc. and send to:

4195 Chino Hills Parkway #593

Chino Hills, CA 91709

Baltimore Brooklyn Block Pary Shooting

We are deeply affected and saddened by the mass shooting in the early morning hours that took the lives of two people, critically injured three, and physically injured at least 25 others at the Baltimore Brooklyn block party.


We are very sorry we do not have the capacity to directly respond to this shooting to open a location-specific Centralized Victims Fund, but we will assist as much as we can through our National Mass Shooting Victims Fund as funds become available.

Our Victims' Funds


VictimsFirst creates victims' funds in the direct aftermath of a mass shooting on GoFundMe so that there is a place that donors can donate to that ensures 100% of all donations go directly to victims/survivors in cash payments. If a centralized victims' fund is started, we grant over what we collect to the centralized victims' fund. If no centralized victims fund is established locally, we work to distribute 100% of the donations we collect directly to victims. Donations collected through GoFundMe provide mid-term care to victims of mass casualty crime.


Immediate support is provided through our National Mass Shooting Victims Fund. Location-specific funds collect donations for a specific victim base, while the National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund provides direct emergency cash assistance to victims of mass violence across the country and at any time of need.


If you are interested in supporting long-term physical and psychological trauma-related care for mass shooting victims, we recommend donating to VTV Care.

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