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VictimsFirst starts Allen, TX Shooting Victims' Fund on GoFundMe; 100% to Victims

You can donate on GoFundMe using the following link:

Alternative ways to donate can be found on our Victims' Fund page.

We are families of over two decades of previous mass shootings from across this country. Our hearts are breaking for the victims and survivors of the mass shooting at the Allen, TX Outlet Mall shooting where 8 people were murdered, 3 are in critical condition, and 4 are stable in area hospitals on May 6, 2023.

We are the same families of previous mass shootings who collected donations for Uvalde, TX school shooting victims and ensured that 100% went directly to them. We will do the same again for our new, unfortunate mass shooting family in Allen.

Our families of previous mass shootings have been re-victimized when nonprofits say they are collecting donations for victims but do not actually give donations directly to victims. VictimsFirst's philosophy is very different. We believe in full transparency, honoring donor intent and providing the victims the opportunity to choose for themselves how to spend your generous financial gifts meant for them.

We, VictimsFirst have started this fund so the victims’ families and those wounded are protected from fraud and exploitation. You can read more about what we do and who we are at

VictimsFirst will work with local victim advocates to distribute these funds. We are hoping to collect $150,000.00 so that each person directly impacted by this mass shooting in Allen can receive $10,000.00. If we exceed this amount, we will still divide the final amount collected equitably. If the National Compassion Fund is called upon, we will grant the donations to them—or another trusted organization that creates a centralized victims fund that guarantees 100% will go directly to victims.

We are all volunteers and are managing multiple funds due to the rash of mass shootings. We take no admin fee.

Thank you for your compassion and kindness. All donations will be designated specifically for the victims of the Allen Outlet Mall shooting. VictimsFirst's EIN is 32-0656956.

If you'd rather, you may send a check directly to VictimsFirst and designate it for Allen Mall at:

4195 Chino Hills Parkway #593

Chino Hills, CA 91709

You can view our Press Release below:


Families of Prior Mass Shootings

Launch GoFundMe For

Allen Outlet Mall Shooting Victims

May 7, 2023 – Our mass shooting families from across the country are devastated by the mass shooting at the Outlet Mall in Allen, Texas. Our hearts are with the families of the deceased, those wounded, and those who survived.

To help those most directly impacted by the shooting, our victim/survivor-centric nonprofit VictimsFirst has established a GoFundMe:

We ensure that 100% of what we collect will go directly to the family of the deceased and those wounded and in cash payments. We are all volunteers and we take no administration fees so that every penny collected goes to victims.

We urge the leadership in Texas to bring in the National Compassion Fund, as was done in Uvalde, to help distribute funds that are collected for the victims and survivors.

We believe in a completely transparent process that allows those directly impacted the privacy to cope and survive the way they need to and choose to.

We encourage the leadership in Texas to quickly provide trauma specialists and that the State of Texas’ Crime Victims Compensation Program to release emergency funds directly to the families to help them through this initial aftermath.

We also ask those making decisions to become familiar with our victim-centric, trauma-informed Best Practices for Mass Casualty Crime to organize in the best interest of the victims during this trying time:

VictimsFirst is a nonprofit created by surviving victims of mass casualty crime and trusted supporters who have first-hand experiences of the problems and re-victimization that accompany these acts when there is a lack of coordinated effort and/or understanding of what survivors need. Our EIN is 32-0656956. Your donation is tax-deductible.


Melissa Holmes, VictimsFirst (909) 282-0406 Anita Busch, VictimsFirst, (213) 440-1771

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