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Uvalde Update: $7,589,321.82 Granted to the National Compassion Fund

Immediately after the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde (Texas), VictimsFirst established a victims fund so 100% of the donations collected would go directly to victims.

We did this in addition to providing resources, referrals, and immediate financial assistance to those directly impacted, while also assisting the community in navigating the tragedy in the best interest of the victims.

Today, we are announcing a grant of all of the donations we collected through these efforts, a total of $7,589,321.82, to the Uvalde Together We Rise Fund being administered by the National Compassion Fund.

100%—every penny—will go directly to the victims/survivors of this shooting.

We thank the National Compassion Fund, which has some of the nation's leading experts on mass casualty crime victims' funds and who know how to administer these funds in a way that is trauma-informed and does not re-victimize victims.

We will always support the amazing work done by the National Compassion Fund to ensure that 100% of all donations go directly to victims of mass casualty crime and that the funds are distributed equitably and with the involvement of those directly impacted.

We are only accepting new donations for Uvalde victims via check until October 10, 2022. We must receive all checks by that date and will not collect donations after this date.

Checks can be made out to Victims First, Inc. and sent to the following address:

Victims First, Inc.

4195 Chino Hills Parkway #593

Chino Hills, CA 91709

Please put "Uvalde" in the memo line.

If more donations are collected, we will send an additional and final grant to the National Compassion Fund no later than October 14, 2022 (once all checks have been deposited).

The Uvalde Together We Rise Fund closes on October 20, 2022.

We thank all the businesses, philanthropists, teachers, and students (of every age) for their generosity and support to help those in Uvalde.

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