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Update on the Nashville Covenant School Shooting Victims' Fund

The National Compassion Fund has been invited into Nashville to administer the Covenant School Survivors Fund, which guarantees that 100% of all donations collected will go directly to mass shooting victims/survivors.

As such, we have granted every penny we collected to the National Compassion Fund, including interest, to be given to the families of the deceased and wounded.

On July 25, 2023, we wired $500,094.33 to the National Compassion Fund for the Covenant School Survivor's Fund. This was everything we collected at that time, including interest.

After this wire was sent, we received smaller donations and interest on the account we used exclusively for our Nashville Covenant Victims' Fund totaling $249.62. On August 23, 2023, we sent this amount via our final check to the National Compassion Fund for the Covenant School Survivors Fund.

The total collected by VictimsFirst and granted to the National Compassion Fund for direct distribution to Nashville victims/survivors is $500,343.95.

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