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Texas Elementary School Shooting Victims Fund

VictimsFirst has started a centralized victims fund for the victims/survivors of the Texas Elementary School Mass Shooting.

Our hearts are breaking for the victims and survivors of the mass shooting at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX where one adult and 14 children were murdered and many others wounded, some critically.

We, VictimsFirst (a network of families of the deceased and survivors from over two decades of previous mass shootings) have started this fund to make sure that 100% of what is collected goes DIRECTLY to the victim base so the victims’ families and those wounded/injured are protected from fraud and exploitation.

We do this because our own families have been re-victimized in the past by non-profits that collect funds for themselves after a mass shooting saying they will “support” the families, which is usually the legal verbiage used when donations do not go directly to victims/survivors themselves.

We vowed this would never happen again, so families of the deceased from Columbine, VaTech, Northern Illinois University, the Aurora theater shooting, the Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting, and Newtown (Sandy Hook Elementary School) joined together to help establish the National Compassion Fund with the National Center of Victims of Crime. Since then, families from across the nation from other mass shootings including Tucson, Vegas, Alturas, Santa Barbara (Isla Vista), Roseburg, and Orlando Pulse, Boulder and others have endorsed the National Compassion Fund.

We hope The National Compassion Fund will be brought in to handle these funds in Uvalde for the sake of those directly impacted.

The funds collected will go to the families in cash payments with no strings attached, thereby fulfilling the full intent of the donors (you).

Depending on how the City of Uvalde decides to proceed, we will either join forces with them, with the National Compassion Fund, or distribute directly ourselves as long as your generous financial gifts go Directly to the victim base.

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