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September 24, 2021 - VictimsFirst Activates Collierville, Tennessee Shooting Fund

In response to the mass shooting that occurred at the Kroger grocery store in Collierville, TN on September 23, 2021, VictimsFirst started a fund to collect donations so that those directly impacted would receive 100% of the donations in cash payments. We do not take any money out of our victims funds or any of portion of your donation.

When a mass shooting or mass casualty crime happens, we collect donations in order to make sure the victims’ families and those who survived the direct impact of this shooting receive your donations DIRECTLY in order to protect them from fraud and exploitation.

​Our mass shooting families have been re-victimized in the past by nonprofits that collect funds for themselves after a mass shooting saying they will “support” the families, which is usually the verbiage they use when they do not give donations directly to the victims themselves. We vowed this would never happen again, so families of the deceased from the Columbine, VaTech, Northern Illinois University, the Aurora theater shooting, the Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting, and Newtown (Sandy Hook) joined together to help establish the National Compassion Fund with the National Center of Victims of Crime. Since then, families from across the nation from other mass shootings including Tucson, Vegas, Alturas, Santa Barbara (Isla Vista), Roseburg, and Orlando Pulse and others have endorsed the National Compassion Fund where 100% is collected and 100% is disbursed. We will make sure that if the National Compassion Fund cannot administer this fund, we will write checks to get the funds directly to the families, just as we did with families of those who were murdered in the Boulder shooting. Please join with our families across the nation to help our new, unfortunate families of the Sept. 23 mass shooting in Collierville, TN.

To donate to our fund, visit GoFundMe using the following link:

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