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Mass Shooting Victims from Across the Country Ring Alarm on Colorado Healing Fund (Again)

Mass shooting victims/survivors came to Colorado Springs, Colorado after the Club Q shooting to ring the alarm on how the Colorado Healing Fund collects and distributes donations intended for victims.

The Colorado Healing Fund, against its own June 2021 protocol (see page 4, section V),* raised its administration fees from 5% to 10% when it activated its fund for Club Q victims. They provided no justification for this. In addition, the funds collected do not go directly to victims—they give the donations collected to nonprofits, with only a small portion going to victims. Even then, what is given is not distributed equitably to the entire victim base. There are also other issues, which are outlined in the press conference below.

Prior to this press conference, mass shooting victims and victims advocates marched with Club Q victims and the affected LGBTQ+ community. They were invited to speak about these issues during a rally and advocate for 100% of what's being collected to go directly to victims in cash payments.

The Colorado Healing Fund's June 2021 Protocol, which states their administration fees are 5%, is attached below in the event that the nonprofit removes this from its website. This protocol was the current protocol at the time of the Club Q shooting and is still on their website despite the nonprofit doubling their admin fees to 10%.

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