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GoFundMe's for Club Q and Chesapeake; 100% direct to victims via 2 different nonprofits

Since the mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the National Compassion Fund has been invited in by Good Judy Garage to help administer a true centralized victims fund with 100% of the donations collected going directly to victims/survivors. This is currently the only centralized victims' fund in the state of Colorado that guarantees 100% will go directly to victims/survivors of the Club Q shooting.

Since we know the National Compassion Fund is a safe and secure place to donate that guarantees 100% will go DIRECTLY to victims (and not to nonprofits), we have decided to grant every penny collected through the Club Q Victims Fund (Colorado Springs) to the Club Q Victims and Survivors Compassion Fund for distribution.

Following the mass shooting at Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia that took place on November 22, 2022, the City of Chesapeake partnered with The Planning Council to facilitate donations to directly help the families of victims. The Planning Council will receive and disperse all donations equally to all 10 families, the 6 victims who were murdered and the 4 victims who were injured. The Planning Council is taking No administrative fees for their effort so that 100% of the donations will go DIRECTLY to the victims and their families.

While we continue to encourage victims' funds to include survivors, we also understand the unique circumstances of the Walmart shooting and commend the City of Chesapeake and the Planning Council for guaranteeing that 100% will go DIRECTLY to victims' families. This is an important step in the right direction.

Thus, we will be deactivating our Chesapeake VA Shooting Fund and will grant every penny collected to The Planning Council so that 100% goes DIRECTLY to victims.

Once the donations from GoFundMe are deposited into the designated bank accounts owned by VictimsFirst, we will grant the funds over to the National Compassion Fund and The Planning Council accordingly. We will then post an update on our news page with detailed information about each grant.

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