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Donating to VictimsFirst

On February 8, 2023, we began accepting donations through Zeffy for our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund.

Zeffy is the only 100% free fundraising platform that covers all of the fees (including transaction fees) for nonprofits. This allows us to ensure the maximum amount is collected for the victims and survivors of mass casualty crimes.

As always, 100% of your donation to our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund will go directly to victims/survivors of mass casualty crimes. We do not take administration fees and ensure every penny goes directly to victims/survivors.

You can donate to our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund through Zeffy using the donate button on our website or by using the link below:

You can also donate through Ziffy by using the QR code below:

While we try out Zeffy, we will continue to use Donorbox to collect donations to VictimsFirst. Donations collected through Donorbox will go to our greatest need and help us continue to work towards our mission to support, empower, and protect victims of mass casualty crime through rapid response, financial assistance, community preparedness education, as well as care support and advocacy for policies that help all victims/survivors.

You can also continue to donate through Zelle, PayPal, and check as noted on our Donate page.

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