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August 21, 2021 - VictimsFirst’s Boulder, Colorado Victims’ Fund Fully Dispersed

In response to the mass shooting that occurred at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, CO earlier this year, VictimsFirst started a fund to collect donations so that the 10 families of the deceased would receive 100% of the donations in cash payments. We neither took administration fees nor kept any portion of their donations.

In Colorado, some local, prominent nonprofits failed to give 100% of what they collected to the victims, used the donations collected at their own discretion, disbursed funds to other nonprofits and also kept hold of donations for their own organizations.

VictimsFirst collected a total of $25,800.00 and all the total was dispersed equitably and directly in cash/checks to the 10 families of the deceased to use at their own discretion, as we know that every person copes differently. There were no wounded.

We will continue to advocate for victims of mass shootings and mass casualty crimes. Thank you to everyone who donated!

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