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5/14 Survivor's Fund for Buffalo, NY

Our hearts are aching for the families of those murdered in Buffalo. The victims are: Roberta A. Drury, 32; Margus D. Morrison, 52; Andre Mackneil, 53; Aaron Salter, 55; Geraldine Talley, 62; Celestine Chaney, 65; Heyward Patterson, 67; Katherine Massey, 72; Pearl Young, 77; and Ruth Whitfield, 86.

VictimsFirst has started a fund to help families of the Buffalo Mass Shooting/Hate Crime. 100% will be go directly in cash payments to the families. Our fund can be located here:

We will be granting all of the donations we receive here and any financial gifts that come into VictimsFirst for the Buffalo victims to the National Compassion Fund, which has just joined with Tops to create the Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund.

We know that the Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund will ensure that 100% of what is collected will go Directly to the victims of shooting in cash payments because that is the history of the National Compassion Fund over many mass casualty crimes.

We hold the very same philosophy and mission: 100% of every penny collected should go directly to victims in cash payments. As it always should be – donor intent fulfilled with complete transparency while allowing victims/survivors their privacy and choice – the choice to decide for themselves how to utilize the funds to help them cope. Every victim’s need is different, and we acknowledge that. We have walked this path.

We hope one day that a victim of a mass shooting will never again have to go hat in hand to a community nonprofit and beg for the funds already intended for them.

If you are a victim of the Buffalo shooting and are looking for more information about the funds being collected for you, please visit and sign up for updates:

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