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$669,512.69 Directly to Allen, Texas Victims' Families/Survivors So Far

We have distributed the bulk of the large, location-specific fund for the Allen Outlet Mall shooting to families of the deceased and wounded. We collected a total of $523,288.03 (including interest) and added in a small amount from our Victims Fund to make it an even $523,236.00, which was allocated on August 18 to the legal heir of the murdered victims and the 6 others who were wounded.

Only two disbursements remain as of 9/22/2023.

In addition, we have assisted with emergency financial needs for all verified applicants which included those in the line of fire and present in the amount of $144,765.54. The total amount that will be distributed for Allen will be $669,512.69 as of 9/22/2023.

This ends our immediate, rapid response for Allen, however, we will continue to assist victims’ families and survivors of the Allen Outlet Mall shooting as long as we have the funds.

In addition to fulfilling emergency financial needs, we found trauma specialists and worked with two different hospitals to ensure victims had what they needed and that bills were covered.

We also made sure that one of the murdered victims’ remains were reunited with his family who lived outside of America. We thank everyone who contributed to our location-specific Allen fund and to our National Mass Shooting Victims’ Fund.



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