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Money raised for Chesapeake shooting victims sent to The Planning Council

Through our Chesapeake Shooting Victims Fund fundraiser on GoFundMe, we collected a total of $1500.86.

100% will go directly to victims of the Walmart shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia through the partnership between the City of Chesapeake and The Planning Council. We sent a check to the The Planning Council today (12/22/2022) for the full amount of $1500.86, mailed via USPS.

The Planning Council will receive and disperse all donations equally to all ten families, the six victims that were murdered, and the four victims that were injured.

Like VictimsFirst, The Planning Council receives no administrative fees for this effort and will ensure 100% goes directly to victims/survivors.

Update (12/30/2022): An additional check for $97.50 from donations we received for Chesapeake victims/survivors was sent to The Planning Council on December 30, 2022. This total collected and given to Chesapeake victims/survivors by VictimsFirst is $1598.36.

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