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Donations Are Being Transferred to the Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund

Today (Sunday, July 24, 2022), we sent one of the last payments to the Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund for the amount of $50.00. The total amount that we collected and granted to the National Compassion Fund is $243,640.56.

VictimsFirst will no longer be collecting donations for Buffalo mass shooting victims. If you wish to give to the Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund, please do so on the National Compassion Fund's website, here.

The National Compassion Fund came into existence after those directly impacted by mass shootings insisted on a new way of charitable giving -- one that ensures that 100% of what's donated to victims goes directly to victims in cash payments. It represents a different model of giving that honors donor intent and gives victims the power to choose how to cope and manage their trauma with the financial gifts the public intended for them.

Before the National Compassion Fund, community nonprofits and others collected money "for victims" but then distributed those donations at their discretion, keeping funds for themselves as well while victims suffered and struggled. Historically, those who collected donations from a trusting public then granted a significant portion of donations to other nonprofits, thereby re-victimizing mass shooting victims, and leaving them without the financial support that was meant directly for them.

When the National Compassion Fund is not brought in to create a centralized fund for victims, the re-victimizing model continues. The National Compassion Fund ensures 100% of donor intent and keeps mass shooting victims from being taken advantage of at the most excruciating times of their lives.

Like us, the National Compassion Fund's 501(c)(3) status encourages giving through donations that are tax-deductible. Furthermore, an extended collection window allows for significant corporate donations, which often take time to get approval and be processed. This means more donations for victims.

This is why we support the National Compassion Fund. We have also created a history of re-victimization that you can read on our website for additional context.

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