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June 1, 2021 - Press Release - #StandUpBolder

Families from the March 22 King Soopers mass shooting in Boulder have contacted the Attorney General’s office and other politicians, furious over nonprofits in Colorado that are have collected funds in the aftermath of the murder of 10 people.

Families and friends of those murdered have established to document

what’s been happening behind the scenes. They are demanding a centralized Victims Fund, a full accounting of the donations collected by the Colorado Healing Fund and the Boulder County Community Foundation, and ask that special master Kenneth Feinberg be invited in to distribute the funds.

Feinberg, the special master on the 9/11 Victims Fund, the Boston Bombing among others, also came into Colorado in 2012 to distribute the Aurora Victims Relief Fund after families of the deceased from the theater mass shooting also objected to how donations were being handled...

To view the complete press release, download the PDF below.

Boulder Press Release Final
Download PDF • 322KB



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