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Highland Park Update: $937,214.94 Granted to the July 4th Parade Shooting Response Fund

Immediately after the parade shooting in Highland Park, VictimsFirst established a victims' fund so 100% of the donations collected would go directly to victims. We did this in addition to providing resources, referrals, and immediate financial assistance to those directly impacted, while also assisting the community in navigating the tragedy in the best interest of the victims.

Today, we are announcing a grant of all of the donations we collected through these efforts, a total of $937,214.94, to the July 4th Highland Park Shooting Response Fund to go directly to the victims/survivors of this shooting through categories A, B, and C only.

We are thankful that the Highland Park Community Foundation will distribute those funds directly to victims through those categories. We will continue to help survivors who were present with resources and direct financial assistance through our General Victims Fund, as funding allows.

We would also like to thank Highland Park resident Danielle Sharfman and the Midtown Bannockburn team for their generous support, as well as everyone who donated.

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