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Against the Colorado Healing Fund: Colorado Mass Shooting Survivors Take a Stand

Mass shooting victims/survivors from Club Q, Boulder, Sol Tribe, and Aurora came together to take a stand against the Colorado Healing Fund in front of the Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver on February 14, 2023.

Together, they called for 100% of the funds collected by the Colorado Healing Fund to be disbursed immediately and equitably to the victims/survivors they have collected for. This includes the $562,900 withheld from Boulder victims, $300,000 being withheld from Club Q victims, and any amount also being withheld from Sol Tribe victims for undefined “long-term needs” (without a specified long-term distribution plan).

Victims/survivors also collectively called for putting an end to the invasive and humiliating process of getting financial help from the Colorado Healing Fund and for the nonprofit to be completely shut down for its predatory behavior, re-victimization, and misleading language.

Thank you Bread and Roses Legal Center for hosting and co-organizing this Press Conference and for your continued advocacy, organizing, and mutual aid work.

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