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Club Q Donations Sent to National Compassion Fund; 100% will go to Victims/Survivors

Today, March 3, 2023, we have closed collections for Club Q mass shooting victims and survivors.

We collected a total of $10,929.90 into the Club Q bank account and every penny is being sent to the National Compassion Fund’s Club Q Victims and Survivors Compassion Fund so that the victim base will receive 100% of what was collected.

If you want to continue to give to help the Club Q victims and survivors, you can do so here:

We wanted to thank Good Judy’s Garage for also ensuring that 100% of donations for the victims and survivors of Club Q actually got to them.

We will continue to assist the victims and survivors from the mass shooting in Colorado Springs, CO and throughout the country in any way we can and for the long-term through our own National Mass Shooting Victims’ Fund.

To donate to our National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund so that 100% goes to victims/survivors, click here:

***UPDATE: March 28, 2023***

Thanks to a generous donation from Beyond the Veil Press, we were able to collect more funds for Club Q victims' families and survivors. The total amount VictimsFirst has sent over to the Club Q Victims and Survivors Compassion Fund is $11,815.00.

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