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Trauma & Grief Care in Uvalde, TX (Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute)

Press Release From Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute:

Cerebral, Meadows Institute, & the Lucine Center Team Up for People Needing Evidence-Based Trauma & Grief Care in Uvalde, TX

Today, Cerebral, in partnership with the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute and its trauma and grief care partner, the Lucine Center, announced a partnership to bring no-cost trauma and grief-focused evidence-based care to people directly impacted by the devastating tragedy in Uvalde, TX.

“The Cerebral team stands beside Meadows and countless others in this country and throughout the world in mourning the senseless loss of young lives we saw in Uvalde this week,” said Chief Executive Officer David Mou, MD, MBA.

“Providing immediate access to mental health services to those most profoundly affected by this tragedy is a top priority, and Cerebral stands ready to offer this support to the community members who need it most.”

Cerebral will donate $250,000 in trauma-focused telehealth services in partnership with the Meadows Institute’s trauma and grief care delivery partner, the Lucine Center, for adults, children, youth and families in Uvalde struggling with unimaginable trauma and loss. The Meadows Institute will dedicate resources for the overall coordination of these efforts in order to ensure coordination with state-driven efforts and partnerships with well-positioned partners already serving the community.

“Our goal is to partner with organizations already serving Uvalde residents who have come to us asking for help as their capacity for high-quality trauma and grief specific care faces unprecedented demand. Joining with Cerebral, we will ensure that the providers trusted most by Uvalde residents can bring additional, evidence-driven capacity for our fellow Texans rapidly and at no cost,” said Andy Keller, President and CEO of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.

Lucine Center CEO Julie Kaplow, PhD, will oversee the overall clinical quality of the teletherapy response, ensuring that people in need of trauma- and grief-informed treatment will receive access to best practice mental health care. “Our hearts go out to those in Uvalde who have been faced with this devastating event,” added Dr. Kaplow. “The Lucine Center is honored to partner with Cerebral, enabling us to provide a broader spectrum of trauma- and grief-informed care, for children and adults alike. We are also extremely grateful to the Meadows Institute for our long-standing partnership and for helping us coordinate our partnerships with current and new Uvalde-based providers.”

Meadows, Lucine, and Cerebral are currently in discussion with Uvalde-based providers on how best to coordinate this new access, and they expect to have services on-line within days to support our partners in the community.


About Cerebral

Cerebral is a telehealth company focused on evidence-based mental health that offers medication management and therapy through a monthly membership model.

Cerebral’s mission is simple and straightforward: To improve access to long-term, high-quality mental health care to all. Unlike traditional mental health care, Cerebral is accessible, convenient, affordable, and free of stigma. With several full-service monthly subscription plans to choose from, members receive online access to providers, behavioral counselors, and talk therapists—all from the comfort of home or anywhere else with an internet connection. Visits are done via video chat, and members can message their care team directly. For more information, visit

About The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

Launched in 2014, the Meadows Institute helps legislators, state officials, members of the judiciary, and local, state, and national leaders identify equitable systemic solutions to mental health needs and has become Texas’s most trusted source for data-driven mental health policy. The Meadows Institute is making a significant impact in multiple areas, helping Texas and national leaders shift the focus of new investments toward early, evidence-based care, and helping all people with mental health needs recover and be well.

About The Lucine Center

The Lucine Center, provides evidence-based trauma- and grief informed care via teletherapy to children and adolescents across Texas and the region who have experienced traumas and losses. The Center’s team of highly skilled clinicians continues to provide ongoing treatment to the children and families impacted by the 2018 Santa Fe school shooting, and their team will now be assisting traumatized and grieving children and adolescents in the aftermath of the Uvalde tragedy. For more information, visit

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