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We Endorse

These are some of the non-profits, campaigns, and causes we endorse.

Give An Hour

This is a national non-profit that gives free and confidential mental health counseling to those in need. A large network of mental health professionals are available in many states. (For immediate help: Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255). Give An Hour:

National Compassion Fund was created in 2012/2013 by mass casualty crime victims to ensure that 100% of what is collected for victims actually gets directly to victims in cash payments. It is a program of the National Center for Victims of Crime in Washington D.C. and has helped families directly from shootings in Ft. Hood, Chattanooga, Aurora (CO), Orlando (Pulse), Las Vegas, Parkland, Santa Fe, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, El Paso, Aurora (IL), Milwaukee, Oconomowoc (WI), Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Surfside (condo collapse).  

The National Compassion Fund (NCF) ensures 100% -- every penny donated -- is distributed directly to the established victim base without restrictions to use as victims deem necessary. It was the first and only straight-to-victims fund in the nation.


The NCF exists solely to distribute tax-deductible donations to victims of mass tragedy. The Fund activates when a mass tragedy happens, collects donations, distributes those funds directly to the victims and then closes down -- until the next mass tragedy occurs.

Families of the deceased and survivors from 9/11, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University, Aurora (CO), Oak Creek Sikh Temple, Newtown, Tucson, Isla Vista (Santa Barbara), Roseburg, OR (Umpqua Community College), Alturas (CA), San Bernardino, Orlando (Pulse), and Vegas – stand behind The National Compassion Fund.


NoNotoriety Campaign

For the sake of public safety and as to not re-victimize those already suffering after a mass casualty crime, we endorse the NoNotoriety policy, which calls for responsible media coverage when reporting on those who commit acts of mass violence. Begun by Caren and Tom Teves, whose son Alex was murdered along with 11 others and an unborn baby in the Aurora Theater shooting, the effort is non-partisan and was established to help curtail copycat mass shooting crimes by asking the media to limit the name and photos of shooters and terrorists; instead concentrating media coverage on the victims and heroes. It is endorsed by several branches of law enforcement as well as religious leaders, the Society of Professional Journalists in Florida (where the Pulse Club massacre took place) and by over 70 families from the previous 18 years of mass shootings. To read more about it:


Honr Network

Founded by Lenny Pozner, whose son Noah was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Honr Network battles online abusers and conspiracy theorists who harass and threaten families of mass casualty crimes.


Christina Grimmie Foundation

Founded by Bud, Tina and Marcus Grimmie -- the family of The Voice singer Christina Grimmie who was murdered while signing autographs after a performance in Orlando -- the non-partisan foundation directly helps victims of gun violence, as well as supporting families facing a breast cancer diagnosis. The foundation helps those suffering directly. www.christinagrimmiefoundation



Founded by Joyal Mulheron, a Washington, D.C. public policy, non-partisan expert with more than 15 years of service with the nation’s governors, she also experienced the death of a daughter only to find few resources to help her. The organization is dedicated to “making the world a more livable place for bereaved families.” It helps the grief-stricken find resources and advocates on behalf of the bereaved. VictimsFirst has been assisting this non-profit in one of its mission points: to make sure that families of the deceased from mass casualty crime receive extended paid bereavement leave from employers.

VTV Care

A non-profit whose mission is to help fund the long-term physical and psychological trauma-related care expenses of mass shooting survivors nationwide.

Project Hope Baskets

Begun by Aurora Theater shooting survivors Katie and Caleb Medley, Project Hope Baskets deliver gift baskets of hope and notes of encouragement to first responders, city and county officials and victims and survivors of mass casualty crimes:


National Heroes Day

On July 20 and throughout the year, National Heroes Day is a non-partisan way to honor those extraordinary individuals throughout our 50 states who are role models for others: whose selfless acts have saved lives, who fight bravely against impossible odds and who light the path for others by setting a shining example.

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